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1  LoveHoney Rating: 100%
LoveHoneyRanks #1  , because is on of the largest sex toys shop with more than 5,000 products in stock for despatch today. Guaranteed low prices Swift, secure, discreet and very, very sexy!
 Reviewed 05/05/2010 14:34:38, by Darius Royle

LoveHoney stocks a wide range of vibrators, dildos, lingerie and condoms. Swift, secure, discreet and very, very sexy. Free delivery on all orders over 34.99. Includes a gift wrap and sexy message service where your total privacy is guaranteed!
LoveHoney is the largest UK sex toys shop with more than 5,000 products in stock for despatch today. Guaranteed low prices on sex toys, vibrators, dildos and sexy lingerie - cheap sex toys are here!
2  Ann Summers Rating: 97%
Ann SummersRanks #2  
 Reviewed 05/05/2010 14:34:38, by Darius Royle

Ann Summers is a must for Sex Toys including Rampant Rabbit, Rampant Rabbit Deluxe, vibrators, dildo's, sexy lingerie, bridal lingerie, nurses outfits, chocolate body paints, fluffy hand cuffs, lotions and potions. From a G-spot massager to a clitoral stimulator; a Rampant Rabbit to a love egg; a cock ring to a butt-plug. Ask yourself - why settle for one orgasm when multiples await...
3  sexshop365 Rating: 96%
sexshop365Ranks #3  
 Reviewed 05/05/2010 14:34:38, by Darius Royle

sex toys and the UK's largest online sex shop. They have an extensive product range, with big brand names covering toys, clothes, adult videos and DVD's, lotions and potions, and are an authorised dealer for big name manufacturers such as Delta & Doc Johnson.

Sexshop365 is dedicated to providing superior customer service and easy accessibility. Feel confident in knowing that when calling from work, in the car or even home with the kids, the Customer Service Representatives will offer excellent product knowledge and answer your most intimate questions and concerns in a professional, discreet manner.

Sex Toys for ladies like Rabbits & Bunnies, Finger vibrators, Bullets and Eggs, Inflatable's, and many more to set your erotic fantasies alive! Each will bring you to your expected erotic desire and take you on through to orgasm.

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Using Sex Toys on Men

Traditionally, the role of the man in the bedroom has been emphasized on pleasing the woman. But, in this day and age, where equality is at the brink of everything that governs, it’s time for us to show our men the same teasing, stimulation, sensations, and erotic pleasures that we’ve enjoyed for centuries.

Beating Toy Taboos

If your guy seems a little shy when it comes to new things in the bedroom, a great way to bring up the idea of sex toys is to casually bring up the issue in a non sexual environment. This way, it’s conversational and non threatening. It is easy to find articles in all types of magazines that discuss the use of sex toys between couples and may help him to see that this is not a unusual act, but a well accepted one that in no way threatens his masculinity, nor criticizes any of your past experiences together. Sex toys are now widely excepted and available; the world is starting to realize that sex toys offer a unique way to explore our body as well as our partners and can add a great twist to a regular sex routine.

Another tantalizing way to get him involved is to let him watch you use your toys. Many men love to watch women masturbate, especially when he knows he can join in. Touch yourself; bring out your favorite toy. Let him use your toy on you; tell him where you like it, what you like, what you want, how it makes you fell. Then, if he seems open to the idea, ask him if you can give him a turn. If he says yes, great, if not, don’t give up sometimes these things take a little while to get used to. Now it’s finally time to enter the world of boys’ toys.

Traditional Vibrators

We’ll start by looking at using our own toys first as this is the way the majority of men are introduced to sex toys; through girlfriends, lovers, or significant others wanting to share the fun. The great thing about starting this way is that it is a toy that you are comfortable and familiar with. He may have already seen it before, or be impressed if he didn’t know about it. The number one toy owned by women is a vibrator; dildo shaped, mini for clitoral stimulation, or the egg. Therefore, let’s focus on how we can please our guys with these fun little (or big as it may be!) gadgets.

The typical vibrator may be a little intimidating to a guy with its length and width. However, they can be great massage tools to start with. Start off with areas that won’t be threatening, tease his nipples, his thighs, and his penis. For many men, a fear of homosexuality may be aroused with anal discussion during sex. If this is a potential in your relationship but it is an area you would like to explore, wait until your man is more comfortable with the concept of sex toys for his pleasure first. The clitoral stimulator (or mini vibrator) can be used in all the same ways as the regular sized vibrator. However, because of its small size, it can be used in several other more convenient situations. If you are into giving oral, try using the mini on his perineum, at the base of his scrotum, or along his shaft while you lick and suck him. You can also take the bottom and lick or suck his testicles while teasing his shaft and the head of his penis with the mini. Mix things up and see what he likes. Finally, the egg, which is a very small egg shaped vibrator (usually with wire coming out of it attaching to a battery pack) is a great way to start, it’s small and unobtrusive. Men seem to enjoy this toy best when held at the base of the penis, between the testicles or on the perineum during foreplay, oral sex and intercourse.

Our Sex Toys
Buying a man a sex toy is a bold move, and there is a large margin of error if you are not careful. Giving him a huge double-ended dildo with five different shaped attachments will probably scare him to death, while a fake tongue may gross him out. And if you give him a life-sized male blow-up doll, forget it -- he’ll probably dump you. If you want to surprise him and not have it backfire on you, your best bet is to read on. Here’s how to make finding it, buying it and giving it to him a much more seamless and pleasurable process.The easiest way to know what he would like is to ask him, but if you are buying him a surprise gift, you will have to make an educated guess. Whatever your man's overall preferences, they are likely to vary with his mood, so you need to choose a toy that will suit the range of him aroused occasions. Your safest bet is to buy something that provides pleasure to all zones at various speeds that offer different levels of pressure.

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